When you hire a handyman, you deserve to know what to expect—not only regarding the actual work that needs to be performed, but also all costs associated with the job.

At Best Denver Handyman Services, your expectations start with a customized job estimate. This is an important part of the whole process for a simple reason:

The price you’re quoted is the price you will pay—unless you change the scope of the work you want done, of course!*

Getting Your Customized Estimate

You have three options for your initial job estimate:

  1. Take photos of what needs to be done and then send them to us. If we are able to provide an estimate based on your photos, you do not have to pay a retainer fee.
  2. Have us come out to your property so we can assess the nature of the job and arrive at an appropriate estimate. With this option, you pay a nonrefundable $60 retainer fee—basically, a “down payment” that will be applied to your total bill once the work is complete—at the time of the estimate. (If you hire us after paying the retainer, the estimate doesn’t cost a penny more than what you pay for services provided!)
  3. Have us come out to your property and perform work without an estimate in place. We are willing to do this, but please be aware this requires a two-hour minimum charge of $120.


Handyman Rates

Standard $60.00/hr
Premium (after 5pm) $95.00/hr
Weekend and Holiday $125.00/hr

Electrical Rates

Standard $89.00/hr
Premium (after 5pm) $125.00/hr
Weekend and Holiday $155.00/hr

How to Pay for Our Services

As you might expect, payment is expected at the time work has been completed (unless prior arrangements have been made). We accept payment in the form of credit card or cash. Checks are not accepted.

* To provide an example of a possible “change in scope”:

If a customer contacts us to install a new garbage disposal, we might quote the job at $180 (for three hours of work, including cleanup). As we are installing it, they decide they’d like to have the sink replaced. Well, this will take more time and labor, so the quote needs to be adjusted accordingly.

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